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Welcome to Ölfusborgir

Peace and wide sky


+ Sudden illness or accident

Please call 112 in case of sudden illness or sccident.


+ Get keys

On Friday keys can be fetched between 15:00 and 20:30

Monday to Thursday keys can be fetched from 12:00 to 16:00

Keys are available at the service building 

+ Deliver luggage

It is allowed to drive to lodge to delivet luggage but the car should then be moved to one of the open parking lots.

+ The hot tub

The hot tub is ready at arrival.

When using the tub secure the lid with the security chain.

Close the tub when not in use.

Driving in the area

+ Læst svæði

Orlofssvæði læst nema á föstudegi ( almenni skiptidagur) .


+ The hot tub

The hot tub is ready at arrival.

When using the tub secure the lid with the security chain.

Close the tub when not in use.

+ Smoking

No smoking is allowed in the houses, please use the provided cigarette bins and keep the lawn clean.

+ Pets

Pets are not allowed in the houses and area

+ Disturbance

Sicne the houses are close together please considerto avoid noice and keep music mildly tuned.

+ Tents and campers

Tents and campers are not allowed in the area


+ Dsiposal

Containers for common garbage and paper are on the parking lot by the service center.

Please do not store trash outside. It can tempt animals. 

+ Bottles and cans

Containers for bottles and cans are in the area, do not use those for common garbage.


+ Leave the house clean

Please leave the house in a condition such as you would like the house to be in when you arrive.

+ Return keys

Please return the keys to keybox or the red postbox on the Officebuilding.

+ Laundry and linen

Return cloths to bin at the Officebuiliding.

Rented linen should be returned to bin at the Officebuilding.

Accessable house for handicapped

+ House with access for handicapped

Please contact the office.

Sameignarfélag Ölfusborga - Ölfusborgum, 816 Ölfus - sími 483-4260 - fax 483-4960 - netfang vafrakökur


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